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Ralph Lauren Cossette Floral

Everything I know about bedding, I learned from Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein

Truthfully, I began selling bedding online 13 years ago when bedding was crafted from gorgeous 280 thread count Egyptian Cotton Sateens like Jardiniere, or Guinevere, or Lambert Stripe, or Stone Harbor.

Tommy Hilfiger had Meadowcroft, a stunning Navy Blue that I still see occasionally on some Hollywood movie of yesteryear. I don’t think Calvin Klein has a had another blockbuster Bedding Collection that could beat Bamboo Flower or Anemone.

Ahh, Anemone, with that large floral in perfect lavender on a bluish lavender background. I couldn’t find enough fabric to make all the shams in-demand by that great collection.

While you’re visiting a few collections, I’ll share some stories from those early days that you might like to hear–

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Style tips to get you into the summer spirit from the Gaston Gazette


I don’t know about you, but  we are certainly into the “summer spirit” in the Desert Southwest. It’s that time of year.  Clouds build every afternoon, lightning slaps the ground like an electrical snake while thunder booms it’s resistance. It’s Monsoon Season here. A raucous sky for sure, which doesn’t always bring wet relief from the heat. When it does, it’s a sticky afterwards.

Our swamp cooler raises the humidity level inside, often leaving it cooler outside than in. Whether we are decorating a patio, deck, lanai, porch or where ever we choose to be comfy outdoors, summer-time is for cooking, lounging and enjoying friends and family.

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Overview of the Laura Ashley Limited Edition NX-800 sewing machine


I was delighted to find that a Sewing Machine had been dedicated to Laura Ashley. As a seamstress myself, as well as a Laura Ashley fan, this is wonderful. I’ve sold thousands of her linens through Ebay and Ecrater and received wonderful feedback from all who purchased.
Laura Ashley will be remembered for generations and still stands as a Fashion Icon today. This Sewing Machine Edition is a showcase of all that she accomplished through sewing and design, even for generations to come.

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Flannel Bedding for a Cozy warm Sleep, is it always dull and boring?


According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Flannel is a soft woven fabric, of various fineness. Flannel was originally made from carded wool or worsted yarn, but is now often made from either wool, cotton, or synthetic fibre. Flannel may be brushed to create extra softness or remain unbrushed. The brushing process is a mechanical process where a fine metal brush rubs the fabric to create fine fibers from the loosely spun yarns.

Many women only think of flannel as a man’s plaid shirt. A dull, plaid, hunting shirt, mostly worn in the woods when it’s freezing.

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A Duvet is more than A flat Comforter


For many years when I first became an Ebay Seller, almost 13+ years ago, I had to be exceptionally careful when listing duvets. Most sellers would list duvets as Comforter/duvet. Which, technically, it is a Comforter/duvet. But putting those two words together confused many more than a few customers.

  • Their first thought was: Is it a comforter or a duvet?
  • Their second thought was: It has to be a comforter if it has that word in the title.
  • Their third thought after the mailman delivered it was: “Oh my! That seller sent me the wrong thing. This is NOT a comforter”

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Which Thread Count is Best for the Softest Bed Sheets

Many folks purchase their bed sheets according to thread count only. Thread count can be important but shouldn’t be your only objective for purchasing Bed Linens.

To purchase nice sheets, you must learn to read the description. ALL of the description, and know ahead of time what you really want in a sheet: Warmth, Softness, Lightness, Thickness, Durability, or Silky Sateen. [Read more...]