Learning about Bed, Bath, Linen and More to make Home a Comfortable Place to Be


Bed, Bath, Linen and More

My first 10 years on Ebay were spent learning about Bed, Bath, Linen and More

Everything I know about bedding, I learned from Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein

Truthfully, I began selling bedding online 14 years ago when bedding was crafted from gorgeous 280 thread count Egyptian Cotton Sateens like Jardiniere, or Guinevere, or Lambert Stripe, or Stone Harbor.

Tommy Hilfiger had Meadowcroft, a stunning Navy Blue that I still see occasionally on some Hollywood movie of yesteryear. I don’t think Calvin Klein has a had another blockbuster Bedding Collection that could beat Bamboo Flower or Anemone.

Ahh, Anemone, with that large floral in perfect lavender on a bluish lavender background. I couldn’t find enough fabric to make all the shams in-demand by that great collection.

While you’re visiting a few collections, I’ll share some stories from those early days that you might like to hear–

Come on in and browse a while–

Lauren by Ralph LaurenCalvin Klein HomeTommy Hilfiger Bedding

Vera Bradley makes Diaper Bags, Totes and Backpacks


Vera Bradley makes Diaper Bags

I’m such a fan of Vera Bradley Bags! I love that they are washable, soft, easy to carry and some have a long shoulder strap to keep the bag out of my way when walking. And now I learn that Vera Bradley also makes Diaper Bags, Messenger Bags, and Diaper Bag Back-Packs!

When I’m out and about, I’m already toting an oxygen bottle carrier in one hand so I don’t want the nuisance of a purse in the other. I like Vera Bradley purses because they’re on my shoulder and hardly noticeable as I struggle with oxygen tanks and keeping my balance at the same time.Vera-Bradley-bag

Believe me, it’s not easy traveling or shopping when you’re tethered to a tube and a bottle that weighs 8 lbs on one shoulder and a purse on the other. Of course, if hubby is with me, he carries my purse (honest, he does, and not ashamed to do it either) but sometimes I just want to shop alone.

Of course, it is never awkward enough to make me stop shopping, let’s just say it creates… ‘aggravation.’

I thought about buying some floral-quilted-fabric and making my own tote.  Perhaps one large enough to hold oxygen tank and girlie stuff too. Then, no need for a purse. I know the size I need and what would fit most comfortably on my shoulder. Then a friend suggested I buy a Diaper Bag! Diaper Bags are for Babies…Aren’t they?

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Queen Sleigh Bedroom Sets

Queen Sleigh Bedroom Sets

Hubby and I were shopping for a couple new pieces for our living room a couple weeks ago. As we passed the Sleigh beds, I was enthralled. Some of those are really gorgeous. Queen Sleigh Bedroom Sets is what I want to see.

When I was a kid I had a sleigh bed so to my way of thinking “a sleigh bed is Vintage and “Out of style.” Oops! I think I told my age. But it’s true.
I don’t think I’ve really looked at a Sleigh Bed since I turned 16 and graduated from mine, but many we saw on our shopping trip were quite lovely. Now, I’m check on all the Queen Sleigh Bedroom Sets. I haven’t made a special trip yet, but my eyes are open for them. Louis Phillipe Black Queen Sleigh Bedroom SetLouis Phillipe Cherry Queen French Sleigh BedSleigh Bedroom Set Louis Philippe Style in Cherry Finish [Read more…]

Everything is Frozen – Bathroom Accessories


Everything is Frozen – Bathroom Accessories

The movie FROZEN is a hit with everyone, adults and children alike.

It’s a sweet movie with the kind of action you want your child to see. And every child wants a dress, a costume, a bath towel or a nightgown just like Anna or Elsa. Now everything is Frozen –Bathroom Accessories are here too!

We have showcased many accessories for this movie including the actual costumes themselves, available here! FROZEN COSTUMES..

Disney Frozen ElsaDisney Frozen OlafDisney Frozen Anna

Now we are adding a few Bathroom Accessories for the kiddos and Mom’s alike

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Peasant Tops for Women – Plus sizes


Peasant Tops for Women – Plus sizes too

When I was a teenager, Peasant Tops for women were the most popular blouse to wear. The best part was that my Mom had just begun to teach me how to sew, and creating a peasant top was simple.  Back then, a Peasant Top blouse was little more than 2 pieces of fabric and a stretch of elastic. I could make one myself in an hour.

Now, not so much. I still love those sweet ruffle peasant tops, but I don’t want to make my own anymore. Of course I don’t want to do my own ironing either, but you know what I mean. Plus, the latest Peasant tops for women have a few more accessories like buttons, and ruffles, and string-ties threaded throughout.

Besides the wonderful new look of Peasant tops, nowadays they come in larger sizes as well.

Zulily carries standard sizes and plus sizes up to 3X. Anyone can wear the super sweet Peasant Tops of today!   [Read more…]

I love Women’s Leather Purses on sale


Women’s Leather Purses on sale

I was checking some auctions that had gifts for men. Next week is Father’s Day and I always wait till the last minute. Then, I wonder if men hate to receive a gift with a cord attached as much as women do.

I mean, does he hate getting a Weed- Eater for Father’s Day as much as I hate getting a shiny, new, counter-top can opener for Mother’s Day. I know I know, it had a knife sharpener on the back, but Really–  

So I was checking the auctions for hubby when I found some lovely handbags and purses. I know, wasn’t it amazing that they were all in the same category.

Indeed, wonderful Men’s Designer Sunglasses along side Ladies handbags and totes! Can’t beat that. I have Father’s Day covered and didn’t have to leave the house. Plus– I might pick up a new bag or two for a bargain while I’m bidding anyway and auctions are fun! (But don’t tell Hubby  I said that!) 

Steve MaddenJessica SimpsonWomens Retro Vintage Fringe
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Kitchen Rooster Accent Rugs


Kitchen Rooster Accent Rugs

My son loves to decorate. He lives nearby and loves nothing more than helping me if I’m in a funk about a decorating challenge.

He mostly loves decorating his own back yard. He revamped a desert landscape into a tropical rain forest of beauty surrounding his pool.

He recently helped me with a few accent rugs for my kitchen and dining room.  He’s pretty good at that too. But kitchen rugs are not his forte and if you add anything more than a dull plaid to the mix, his face turns beet red.

I like standing on a  rug while I wash dishes or prepare a meal and if it’s colorful and squishy soft, the more the better. This is not so much true for my son. He thinks kitchen accent rugs should be as austere as the one in his den.

Nope! not only comfort, but I want pretty too. I love roosters and lady bugs and frolicking daisies if possible. I think a kitchen accent rug should be beautiful as well as functional. I have to live with it and I don’t like drab, for sure. My daughter never liked it when I wore purple with orange either, but that’s another story.

I think my son puts fashion over fun!  He can live without Roosters, Lady Bugs and daisies and is totally happy with his grey and black checks. Not me! Here’s some of the rugs I like! Apache Mills Rooster rugKitchen Rooster RugCushioned Rooster Rug

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Best Bargain Room Size Rugs – Sizes and Variety


Best Bargain Room Size Rugs

We recently purchased two Room-Size rugs while redecorating a couple  rooms in our home. We found such beautiful rugs, that I had to share this large collection.

It’s much easier to make choices when you cruise through a large volume of beautiful rugs at your own leisure. You have to see all these rugs to appreciate the variety.

From solid color to floral,  Mediterranean to Traditional, there are rugs for every room. As many textures and sizes as you can imagine. These rugs are available on Ebay where you may bid and receive an even larger discount! than we did. They are all stunning; good quality, colors and variety. Frankly, I’m a little disappointed that I only needed two.

Hope you enjoy these gorgeous room rugs! 

Area Rug Traditional PersianContemporary Rug Multi-coloredPersian Style Rug

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