Learning about Bed, Bath, Linen and More to make Home a Comfortable Place to Be


Bed, Bath, Linen and More

Everything I know about bedding, I learned from Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein

Truthfully, I began selling bedding online 13 years ago when bedding was crafted from gorgeous 280 thread count Egyptian Cotton Sateens like Jardiniere, or Guinevere, or Lambert Stripe, or Stone Harbor.

Tommy Hilfiger had Meadowcroft, a stunning Navy Blue that I still see occasionally on some Hollywood movie of yesteryear. I don’t think Calvin Klein has a had another blockbuster Bedding Collection that could beat Bamboo Flower or Anemone.

Ahh, Anemone, with that large floral in perfect lavender on a bluish lavender background. I couldn’t find enough fabric to make all the shams in-demand by that great collection.

While you’re visiting a few collections, I’ll share some stories from those early days that you might like to hear–

Come on in and browse a while–

Aprons with Pockets for Women


Aprons with Pockets for Women

A bib-top apron with pockets makes me homesick for my Mom. She passed away seven years ago but her Birthday is next Month. During the entire month of July, I think about my mother. Actually, I think about her all the time, but long hot summers especially remind me of days being out of school and pestering Mom.

audrey-apronWhen my 2 brothers and I were young kids, summer meant better meals 3 times a day, and lots of homemade sweets made by Mom. There was no rush for school, so Breakfast could be chocolate gravy or pancakes with smiling faces with blueberry eyes.

Mom learned to cook as a very young girl. With a much older, married-sister who owned a restaurant, Mom began to help out behind the counter for her sister and brother-in-law at a young age.

Mom also learned lots of tips about food and  cooking, and eventually became a culinary whiz. It served her well later in life as she worked as a Dietitian for many many years.

I rarely see a woman with a pretty apron without thinking of my Mother. When she worked in public, whether cook or dietitian, she most often wore a white chef’s apron with a pocket, but at home she loved frilly aprons of gingham and lace. She most often made them herself since she was a great seamstress as well.

Mom encouraged me to do both, she had me sewing my own clothes by sixteen, but I never became the cook she was. When cooking is mentioned in our family, the topic of conversation is my Mom.


 Women’s Apron KayDee ZebraCheck Price Women’s Apron KayDee Little Black DressCheck Price Women’s Apron Holiday – MistletoeCheck Price Flirty Aprons Women’s Original Sultry LaceCheck Price Women’s Apron KayDee Kiss the CookCheck Price Flirty Aprons Women’s Apron Original Very CherryCheck Price Flirty Aprons Women’s Original RoosterCheck Price Girl’s Flirty Aprons SADIE Red DamaskCheck Price


 Girl’s Flirty Aprons SADIE Aqua DamaskCheck Price Girl’s Flirty Aprons SADIE Sugar & SpiceCheck Price Girl’s Flirty Aprons SADIE Sassy BlackCheck Price Girl’s Flirty Aprons SADIE Strawberry ShortcakeCheck Price Girl’s Flirty Aprons SADIE Frosted CupcakeCheck Price Flirty Aprons Women’s Apron Marilyn Mint-a-lisciousCheck Price Girls’ Apron Marilyn Strawberry ShortcakeCheck Price


 Flirty Aprons Women’s Original Sultry LaceCheck Price Flirty Aprons Women’s Original RoosterCheck Price Flirty Aprons Women’s Original Nautical NavyCheck Price Flirty Aprons Women’s Original Green GoddessCheck Price Flirty Aprons Women’s Original Sassy PinstripeCheck Price Flirty Aprons Women’s Original Chevron Coral BowCheck Price Flirty Aprons Women’s Apron Original Blue ChocolateCheck Price



Small Kitchen Appliances and Gadgets


Small Kitchen Appliances

Yogurt-makerNowadays there is a Gadget for everything. I can’t believe how many tools are available for the kitchen alone.

I’ve written about The Bullet (my favorite gadget) The Mouli and a few other  gadgets for cutting, shredding, mixing, chopping, blending, grinding and more in the kitchen.

These Tools are slightly larger and most occupy a spot of privilege on the counter top. I know, if you’re like me, your counter-top is precious-poor already. This week I removed a unique Banana hanger from the counter top only to have a Crock Pot jump right into it’s place within 2 hours.

Instead of a Hutch standing against the only empty wall, I think I need another floor to ceiling cabinet for Small Kitchen Appliances only.  [Read more…]

Electronic Entertainment and Fun Things to Do at Home


Electronic Entertainment

AT 68 years old, every time I work with a new electronic appliance or toy, I think about my Grandchildren. All of them are more than excited to teach Nana new tricks for her desktop, tablet or telephone.

My granddaughter was especially thrilled when she was able to improve my Selfies. All I got when I snapped a photo was a black screen. My granddaughter took great pleasure in removing my thumb from the hole that housed the camera lens on my Tablet.

My oldest grandson is 22 and the youngest 12, so they are a prime age to be helpful for Nana. No, not for carrying groceries or mowing the lawn but for adding “Snapchat” and “Instagram” to my world.

Yet, it doesn’t seem that long ago when this oldest grandson was a toddler, running around the house chasing remote-control cars or demanding that his younger sister stop slobbering on his latest cruiser!

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Gorgeous Blackout Drapes for Sunny Days


 Black Velvet BlackoutCheck Price

Who says you can’t have stunning Blackout Curtains in the Hot Summer Time. Now there are so many lovely patterns and a variety of fabrics for Blackout Curtains.

Living in the Desert Southwest, I remember when blackout curtains were drab and dreary and served only one purpose– a staunch guard against summer sun.

Not so anymore. These Solid blackout curtains come in a variety of colors and fabrics; faux silk, cotton, Taffeta, Velvet.

They are a stunning accent for any room in your home. Gorgeous Drapes, Blackout Drapes, Stunning Patterns, and Gorgeous Fabrics.


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Large Kitchen Appliances


Large Major Appliances for the Kitchen

To purchase a major Kitchen Appliance is a Catch-22. I love buying new appliances. It’s fun to get a brand new Refrigerator that can chip the ice and add flavoring too, while the old fridge needed a plastic tray as a mold just to make an ice cube. Another good thing about a Major appliance is that it can usually do its job for 10 years or more, worry-free.

Color and texture is an important consideration when purchasing a new major appliance. Because most large items have been around for awhile, your kitchen may appear slightly outdated unless you update a few of the smaller items in the Kitchen also.

I’m just saying…. After I updated to Stainless Steel Refrigerator, Stove, and Dishwasher, my Avocado Crock pot looked downright foreign.  A few smaller items may need to be replaced if you change the color and texture of all your Major Appliances.  [Read more…]

3-D Wall Stickers Kids and Adults

3-D Wall Stickers for Children’s Room and More

 Shocking Car Run


It wasn’t long ago that we were talking about Wall Pops! They were sweet, stickies that not only stuck to the wall, but you could write on them too.

A pool of circles on a wall or in a row like a flower bed. (Similar to a grease-board) Wall Pops are removable/but sticky to the wall whenever you need a quick note or message.

Similar to Wall Pops, these cute Sticky designs are strictly for style, beauty and fun!

These Wall Stickers are easy to apply and a realistic and fun treat for the kids rooms and much more.


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Ottoman or Pouf Home Accents


Ottoman or Pouf Home Accents

When I was a young married, an ottoman in the den was a must-have. Then, when my children were toddlers, they loved tipping it onto it’s side and doing a belly roll around the room. The more their bellies stuck to the leather, the louder the laughter.

Of course no ottoman was ever shapely again after all that rough-housing. But it was so much fun watching the kids that it was well-worth any worn leather. I think the Pouf of today would be a lot more fun. Of course, the ride might be a lot less predictable.

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