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Ralph Lauren Cossette Floral

Everything I know about bedding, I learned from Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein

Truthfully, I began selling bedding online 13 years ago when bedding was crafted from gorgeous 280 thread count Egyptian Cotton Sateens like Jardiniere, or Guinevere, or Lambert Stripe, or Stone Harbor.

Tommy Hilfiger had Meadowcroft, a stunning Navy Blue that I still see occasionally on some Hollywood movie of yesteryear. I don’t think Calvin Klein has a had another blockbuster Bedding Collection that could beat Bamboo Flower or Anemone.

Ahh, Anemone, with that large floral in perfect lavender on a bluish lavender background. I couldn’t find enough fabric to make all the shams in-demand by that great collection.

While you’re visiting a few collections, I’ll share some stories from those early days that you might like to hear–

Welcome! Hope you browse awhile–

The Most Comfortable Recliner is Daddy’s Chair

The Most Comfortable Recliner

For as long as I can remember, a Comfortable Recliner was my Daddy’s chair. In fact, I can’t remember anyone else ever sitting in that big recliner but my daddy.

I remember sitting in his lap and leaning back with my ankles crossed, mocking my father’s resting pose while he snored. You could climb all over him and never hear a catch in the even breadth of his snores.

I think my daddy’s bed actually came-in second when compared to his favorite recliner because he slept in his chair as often as he slept in his bed. [Read more…]

How to set a Holiday Table Martha Stewart could Love

How to Set a Holiday Table

How to set a holiday table to make the food appealing and appetizing can be challenging. My Mom could set a table. I often think if she were here today, she would be in front of the television all day long. Ina Garten, The Pioneer Woman, Martha Stewart– Mom would be in heavenly bliss with all these women offering cooking and etiquette advice.

Mom could talk about ways to make food “pretty” all day long. I remember a few of her suggestions but not as many as I wouldd like. When you’re a child, your mother’s words are law, but as we age–too many of those words are forgotten. [Read more…]

A Collection of Lovely Table Lamps

Lovely Table Lamps

As I write this article, I’m  embarrassed to look at my own table lamps. My table lamps are so outdated that I could probably sell them as antique, or at the very least vintage.

I must admit, years ago the hanging lamp in my bedroom was charmed. I just loved the darn thing. It looked sort of like an upside-down pumpkin crafted from a clear orange, swirly glass. The large linked chain was dull rather than polished and appeared aged rather than modern. That lamp went through many moves with this family and I loved it.

For whatever reason, one day I decided that it looked old and garish and out-of-date and I replaced it with a pretty, shiny silver pole lamp (the style at that time.)

Some 20 years later, while cruising a thrift store for forgotten antiques to list on Ebay, lo and behold, MY Hanging Lamp!  If it wasn’t “one and the same,” it was my lamp’s twin sister. Either way– it was mine AGAIN! like a lost love.

I scooped it up and ran to the check-out before anyone else could tackle and steal it from sweating hands.

At my family’s moans, I fibbed. “It’s an antique.”

And surely it must be because it cost me more at the thrift store than the day I bought the original brand new.


Let’s Talk Lighting– Let’s Talk Table Lamp Lighting [Read more…]

Pretty Print Dishes for the Holiday and more

I’ve always loved Print Dishes, whether they be florals, paisleys, stripes or swirls. I don’t think I’ve ever had a solid color dish in my house. I love interesting colors and patterns. Ahhh… I should have been an artist. Don’t think that would work because I have no talent in that vein.

But I do love floral plates and platters and cups and saucers. While shopping for more pretty china for the Holiday, I came upon these pretty dishes. Holiday or not– I have to share them.  [Read more…]

Flannel Bedding Sheets for Cold Winter Months



Flannel bedding can be for more than cold months of the year. But the temperatures are dropping and this morning it was chilly here, even in the Desert Southwest. Hubby is on the roof disconnecting the swamp cooler so we can fill the house with heat and it will stay inside rather than escape through the cooler. brrrrrrr

I must admit a few nights in the summer,  I yearn for flannel bedding. With a swamp cooler on High and no humidity outside, it can get really cold on the desert floor after the sun goes down.

I still have light-weight, sateen sheets on our bed and wished I’d had flannel, or better yet WOOL! The water cooler was still on and we awoke to the North Pole in our house.

[Read more…]

Stunning 3-D Duvet Bedding Sets by DIAIDI


DIAIDI Home Textile,Rose Print Bedding,3D Oil Painting Red Rose Flower Bedding Set,Queen,4PcsMore info

 3-D Duvet Bedding Sets

I’ve seen some lovely bedding sets in all the years I’ve sold bedding on Ebay and a few other Auction Sites but these 3-D Duvet Bedding Sets are the loveliest by far.

But I don’t believe I’ve seen any quite as stunning as these sets
by DIAIDI ~~ They are gorgeous and the fabric content sounds like a well made bedset!

I haven’t seen these in person so I can’t attest to all the gorgeous colors and the unique 3-D appearance, but can’t believe they’d be allowed to advertise on Amazon without some sort of approval.

If you’ve owned one of these sets, I’d love to have an Authentic  Review for my readers! Contact me!

I wish I needed a new Bedroom Set, because I’d love to try it myself.  I’ve never had a Bedroom that looked as much like an Oil Painting as this.

What do you think? Let me know!

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