Learning about Bed, Bath, Linen and More to make Home a Comfortable Place to Be


Bed, Bath, Linen and More

Everything I know about bedding, I learned from Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein

Truthfully, I began selling bedding online 13 years ago when bedding was crafted from gorgeous 280 thread count Egyptian Cotton Sateens like Jardiniere, or Guinevere, or Lambert Stripe, or Stone Harbor.

Tommy Hilfiger had Meadowcroft, a stunning Navy Blue that I still see occasionally on some Hollywood movie of yesteryear. I don’t think Calvin Klein has a had another blockbuster Bedding Collection that could beat Bamboo Flower or Anemone.

Ahh, Anemone, with that large floral in perfect lavender on a bluish lavender background. I couldn’t find enough fabric to make all the shams in-demand by that great collection.

While you’re visiting a few collections, I’ll share some stories from those early days that you might like to hear–

Come on in and browse a while–

Resin Bathroom Sets and Favorite Bathroom Scales


Resin Bathroom Sets and Favorite Bathroom Scales

lose-weightWho defined the Rule that the weight scales should sit on the bathroom floor, in plain sight of everyone. I mean come on. My scales are in the bottom drawer of a tall chest in my bedroom closet, wrapped in a black towel and hidden beneath a heating pad with a frayed cord.

No, I won’t tell you where they are if you’re visiting my house and I will not get on them while you, hubby, children or grandchildren are there with me or in any other room. So there!

I will let you look at all these sweet bathroom scales –Below– if you are brave enough to bring them home and chance someone using a hidden mirror on the ceiling to see when you weigh yourself. Go ahead, take a look!

[Read more…]

Stunning New Faucets for Every Sink

Faucets for Every Sink

plumberOkay, have you seen that new Television Commercial with a handsome man and sexy woman chasing and romping and teasing each other from Kitchen to Dining room to Bathroom.

About the time I think I figured out what they are actually advertising, I’m a little stunned to realize they are contorting around fancy water faucets! I’m not kidding! In every room!

Now my sons might be that giddy about a water faucet, I mean they are plumbers after all, but really?

And I do have a bathroom faucet that I absolutely love…but really!

Of course I’m 40 years older than that couple on the commercial advertising designer faucets. I had my days of amorous affection for hubby but never, honestly never, anywhere near a kitchen faucet.   [Read more…]

Sleeping Bags For Newborns and Baby Shower Gifts

Giraffe Break ThroughCheck Price

Sleeping Bags for Newborns


Some of the most fun while waiting for that new arrival is shopping! Making choices before you know if it’s a Boy or Girl. And then shopping once the hunt for bedding, clothes and decor begins.

Baby showers and awesome planning for that delightful new nursery!

Below are some sweet and unique ideas for the new baby or the next baby shower! Sweetly scented candles, wall decor or a nice warm quilt for swaddling. The soft Blankie! might be the best of all.   [Read more…]

Mother’s Day Gifts and more

Mother’s Day Gifts and More

Easter-BunnyMother’s Day will be on May 10th this year. It was only a few days after Mother’s Day in 2008 when I lost my Mother. She had Alzheimer’s for 10+ years, but her condition was not verified, recognized or even diagnosed until the last seven or eight years of her life.

In the beginning, I made all kinds of excuses for some very strange behavior. It must be her nerves, or her husband’s unexpected passing. Maybe it is my fault, I would think, because I don’t visit often enough. I thought of a million reasons for Mom’s unusual behavior but Alzheimer’s dementia was never one of them.  [Read more…]

Animal Curtains and Window Panels

Animal Curtains and Window Panels

Blackout-Window-PanelsI also have sweet Wall Murals and many have animals from every region of the world. If you don’t want an entire wall covered for an extended period, you may like the Unique Animal Curtains or Window Panels which can always be replaced with regular window curtains or panels if you want the change.

Theses are not the same panels as the heavier “black out” panels that I have listed but they are a nice Polyester panel. They are not the light-weight fabric of a sheer “see-through” panel, but a nice polyester panel. Nice draperies in a Polyester Cotton with extraordinary Animal prints[Read more…]

Nautical Lamps and Lighting


Nautical Lamps and Lighting

nautical-lightingDo you have the husband, brother or friend who loves the water and all things Nautical. We have a distant relative who had a great ship and fished professionally off the California Coast many decades ago. To this day his family loves anything Nautical!

Living in the Desert Southwest, I’ve missed most things Nautical other than watching JAWS more often than I wanted because Hubby liked that movie.  Of course we have done our fair share of pulling crappie or bass from a fishing boat on Lake Tyler. Does that count? It is Nautical afterall.  [Read more…]

Spring is in the Air – Patio Goodies


Spring is in the Air

patio-adirondackThis has been a prolonged winter. The East Coast received many more snow storms than they required, I’m sure. Since I’m in the Desert Southwest, I ooh and ahh at the beauty of all that white stuff. But, truthfully, I know that I would be thoroughly annoyed after so many snowfalls during the previous winter.

Even here we are still having chilly nights and crisp mornings, yet Hubby and I have been hunting Patio furniture already. It might be Spring by the time I make up my mind and purchase something, but hey, I’m looking.   [Read more…]

I Love Jessica Simpson Purses


I love Jessica Simpson Purses

I have a “thing” about purses. My hubby teases me, my children tease me and now my grandchildren tease me. I don’t care. I don’t buy purses without lots of forethought. Size, Strap, Inside pouches, Outside pouches, Zippers inside and outside. A lot of things can go wrong about a purse. Don’t ya think?

I do love purses! I do not love all purses. I only love particular purses and I will search them down and purchase more than one if they come in multiple colors.

The worst part is: I have been carrying a purse that I hate for almost three years!  [Read more…]

Curtains and Sheer Panels and More


Window Curtains and Sheer Panels

I’m a nut! about Sheer panels. In my house they may become a shower drape, a table topper, a window sheer (as they should) or many other things. I think my young granddaughter took after me too.

A few months ago she asked if I had an extra shower curtain or couple window sheers that I no longer needed. Of course I did not, but for her– I did.

“Sure, Ash (I call her Ash, her name is Ashley),” and I opened the door to my Ebay store. That’s a good thing about a grandmother who is an  online seller. If you want to give a gift or share an item, there is no trip necessary to the Home Goods store.

Ashley chose a leafy black shower curtain and some sweet blue shimmering sheers. I couldn’t imagine where she’d hang them as her room is already filled to the brim with a few other things I don’t particularly care for.  [Read more…]